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 - Geoff Cotton -


Geoff Cotton is a cabaret performer, corporate entertainer, MC and compère with an act featuring songs, sketches and stand-up comedy.

The music, lyrics, songs and sketches are all original and are accompanied by live acoustic guitar or pre-recorded backing tracks.



 Cor-FS/Volupté/December 8      Version 3,  © Geoff Cotton, 2006



A company called Cor-FS, design systems that are the best

So…phisticated, never crass, they’re guaranteed to kick your ass…ets

And if the interface is rough, the clients just say 'Turn It Off'

'Get us out of this mess' and then call for Cor-FS


The owner is a mystery, it's said that his name is Monty

He is a man you'll never see, unless you are John Donnelly

It's just as well he's never here, especially in June this year,

When the World Cup was on…everybody else was gone.


Cor, Cor, Cor-FS, they will do their very best

To baffle you with IT science, they find it helps confuse their clients


Integrare gradually integrating as Regus just keep you waiting

There's typhoid now in the gents' loo, on hot days it smells like a

The air con system's on its knees, one end you fry, the other freeze,

And Monday morn at ten, the fire alarm goes off again!


There aren't many women around, the number's always going down

It's not that the men are sexist, their focus is on done

The summer party's legendary, with legless people legged three,

Falling over their feet and being sick out in the street.


Cor, Cor, Cor-FS, do everything to excess

If a system's on the blink, they just go out and have a drink...


Integra have their Altio, what does it do, well, no-one knows

And IBS have Abraxsys, it goes down well in Uzbekis..tan

In RS they have PhD's, a teddy bear and lots of swee...ts

They need some sustenance, just to feed all of their ants


STP's a bunch of louts, when they get drunk they scream and shout

IS like to work from home and RS optimise their zone,

And Balls Brothers banned IBS, 'cos they threw up and made a mess

And could no longer stand, Cor-FS get out of hand

Cor-FS get out of hand

And they’re the best bunch in the land!  :-)





Corporate entertainment

As an experienced singer/songwriter, Geoff Cotton is able to offer original, tailor-made songs for individual corporate clients/events.

Given a suitable briefing, songs can be written which feature individuals or departments.  These songs can be submitted in advance for approval and clients can take part in the performance, subject to adequate rehearsal.  Alternatively, individuals can be 'invited' on stage to make a simple contribution.






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